About Us

Full Wave Rectifier Laboratories is a diverse organization promoting the arts, with a focus on groundbreaking, imaginative, never-before-seen-done-or-even-attempted material that people are not, have never been, and will never be ready for.

We actively release, promote and distribute art, mainly in audio and video formats. FWRL Records started in the outskirts of Sheffield, England, a while back. Since then our headquarters have relocated to Leighton Buzzard, England, and we now operate internationally. Our catalog is distributed to select record stores around the world. We also operate a mobile record store, which travels the world distributing our releases in the most direct way.

Our website also offers an online record store, featuring albums from a wide range of artists that we personally like, but are not necessarily associated with Full Wave Rectifier Laboratories.

Our releases enjoy international distribution. We do not make exclusive distribution agreements, unless you are prepared to part with a huge amount of money. Please do contact us for non-exclusive distribution, if you operate a record store or other kind of related business. We also sell directly to retail customers, as well as wholesale.

We are currently accepting demos. We will listen to everything you send us. Unlike other labels, we also respond to anything sent to us. Please contact us by email before submitting any of your music or art, describing what you would like to send, so we can give you the appropriate address for it to be sent directly to the right person.

How to order from FWRL Records

We offer a quick mailorder service. We ship worldwide. Just send us an email with your order and we will give you price and payment details. We accept paypal, direct bank transfer, cash or trades. Alternatively, you can buy downloadable music from our online record store.

About our products

All of the FWRL products are designed, manufactured and assembled in-house, including all the printing and duplication work. The vinyl records are all cut individually by hand on a lathe. The cassette and reel-to-reel tapes are being duplicated in real-time (normal playback speed) on high quality tape decks from our special tape duplication master tapes. Same with all of the other formats. Each FWRL product is a work of art, handcrafted with special care and intended to be a unique, high quality and exceptional sound fidelity product.