Nonnie Parry

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Jesus is Angry

Active for over a decade now, Jesus is Angry is the creative vehicle for experimental electronic music nomad guru, Jesus Himself. Sometimes performing alone on a vast array of homemade analog modular synthesizers, other times enlisting the help of the weirdest musicians on the planet, the sound of Jesus is Angry ranges from ambient synthesizer drones to the darkest, heaviest, powerviolence-influenced sludge metal ever conceived by civilised man since 1364 BC. 
Jesus is Angry has toured extensively in the USA and Europe, even covering rogue, war-torn ex-communist countries in the Balkans. Their performances involve homemade modular synthesizers, guitars, bass, drums (sometimes even two full drumkits with two drummers), industrial percussion, saxophones, and several other exotic instruments.

They have released several albums throughout the past decade, on Full Wave Rectifier Laboratories as well as several other labels around the world.

Currently, Jesus is Angry are recording their new album at the Full Wave Rectifier Laboratories Rural Culture Studios, featuring heavy drumming, distorted bass, saxophones and modular synthesizers. It is reported to be the heaviest album ever made, soon to be released on FWRL Records!

The Females of Doubtful Reputation

The Females of Doubtful Reputation are a highly original proto-industrial act, by real industrial workers, some active in the scene since the 50's, and still going strong. They mainly perform in construction sites, fields, factories and workshops, for audiences of other working class people.

Their line-up varies depending on worker shifts, as the band members' anarcho-syndicalist trade union has decided that no industrial worker shall perform live, in excess of 8 hours per day. Their instrumentation varies depending on construction or demolition needs.

They use hand tools and power tools, heavy plant machinery and vehicles, internal combustion engines, air-raid sirens, explosives, electronic devices, and rarely even actual musical instruments. The specially trained workers have been carefully selected for their high standards of craftsmanship and experience in using their tools.

The Females of Doubtful Reputation are like the Buena Vista Social Club of Industrial Music. Their members have been active in the construction industry for decades, and have been touring around the world since 1954 in search of work and sound. Their work, sound and music has been heard in over 20 countries in several continents. They have released albums, videos, houses, tools, metal constructions, vehicles, and artworks, in a variety of styles and formats. Most of these are still in daily use nowadays.

They may or may not be females, but they do take pride in their doubtful reputation. They still sometimes travel, so if you ever get a chance to go and see them, you'd be fucking stupid to miss it.

Zone of Alienation

Zone of Alienation started in 2010 when Jesus and Stratos met again after years of living in different parts of the world. They felt connected by extreme levels of ionizing radiation, and played some rather heavy shit in a degenerate building with the most alienating toilet ever. They recorded Meltdown shortly after forming, using the lo-fi analog equipment of the Full-Wave Rectifier Laboratories mobile studio, which was released on tape and CD by Full Wave Rectifier Laboratories in 2011. On the day of the album release, the band embarked on a month-long tour of the former Yugoslavia and surrounding countries, playing in Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic. In a sort-of dejavu moment, Stratos decided to leave the band a week before the tour, and Christina jumped on the bandwagon.

The Meltdown tour was anything but smooth, with injuries and van breakdowns happening non-stop. After the tour, the band went on hiatus for a while. They attempted to play a few more gigs, but were attacked and had their instruments damaged. They decided to call it quits and announced that their audience should go make their own music now, in true DIY fashion.

I Knew Them

I Knew Them formed in early 2003 in Thessaloniki, Greece. They toured extensively, first nationally and then also internationally, before moving to England in 2005. They released two full length albums which were very well received by the press. They were plagued by constant line-up changes and the numerous challenges of an artist's life, and finally went on hiatus in 2007, after yet another tour of Europe.

Full Wave Rectifier Laboratories have now acquired the distribution rights for I Knew Them's albums.