Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Jesus is Angry album to be released on FWRL Records

Here is a taster of what is going on in the depths of the Full Wave Rectifier Laboratories Rural Culture Studios, while a bunch of weirdos are working on the new Jesus is Angry album, which, as yet, remains untitled.

The album is going to be released on Full Wave Rectifier Laboratories. It is the heaviest album ever conceived by civilised man since 1354 BC. It will probably become illegal to possess or even think about.

This is yet another 100% analog recording, mixing and mastering, to satisfy passions for the audiophile purist. It features homemade analog modular synthesizers, analog bass effects, bass guitar, heavy drums with homemade cymbals, and saxophones, kindly provided by Free Jazz legend, William T. Hapalys.

William T. Hapalys requested some changes to the studio's lounge, in order to feel more inspired. This involved throwing out most of the furniture and emptying a garbage bin on the floor, among other, less radical changes.