Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mind The Goon EP

Mind The Goon
Mind The Goon EP
Full Wave Rectifier Laboratories 2014

Mind The Goon's self-titled debut EP is an unlikely but very intentional merging of musical styles and life experiences. It was recorded, mixed and mastered in just two days of sparkling creativity at the rural culture studios, by a frenzid (mind the) goon, who played all the instruments himself. The recording took place immediately following the goons return from a lenghty tour of asia during which these songs where composed. As soon as the recording was finished, Mind The Goon embarked on a tour of europe by hitch-hiking and playing on the streets of several european cities, moving on with a tour of latin amerika. This EP is a heavily psychedelic mix of rock and folk with punk undertones, which will most certainly blow your mind. Mind The Goon has created a distinctive and unique sonic identity from the very beginning, but die-hard Secret Fool (the Goon's earlier band) fans will most likely find some common ground. Released on 10" venyl, cassette tape, cd, and digital downloads, by Full Wave Rectifier Laboratories.