Friday, October 23, 2015


We took a long break to reorganise our thoughts and direction. We realised long ago that we no longer wanted to release music on CD, we were not happy with our distribution deal, our digital distribution required a huge compromise in sound quality and we did not have a reliable way of manufacturing cassette tapes and vinyl records. We decided to stop, take a few steps back and find solutions to these issues.

Having found creative solutions, we are now thrilled to announce that we are back in business, with the same stated goal: To promote art that people are not, have never been, and will never be ready for.

We are no longer going to be releasing music on CD. Instead, we will focus on limited editions of handcrafted analog media, such as vinyl records and cassette tapes, with beautiful artistic packaging. In addition, some of our material will also be available as extremely high quality digital files in DSD and high definition PCM (WAV) format, for download.
Our distribution will be very small scale, which means we will no longer attempt to push our products under your snout. Those who are determined enough will easily be able to find and purchase FWRL releases. After all, they are not for everyone.
In addition, we welcome all interested artists to get in touch, as we are looking for weird and obscure material to release.

Beware, we're back!